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Plumbing Services

We've got all your plumbing needs covered.

Plumbing Renovations, Retrofits

If your plumbing isn’t up to standard or you need to freshen up the look of your bathroom and tapware, we are experts. From the small, simple jobs of just strapping up your waste pipes, or replacing the tapware to replacing or adding a whole new bathroom, we can help. For the smaller jobs we provide a competitive price or for the larger jobs we can provide you with a quote / estimate.

For toilet additions or a completely new bathroom there may be a need to carry out drainage work. Cody is a Certifying Drainlayer. We can take care of the drainage requirements ensuring there is a smooth workflow.

CM Plumbing works with a trusted network of qualified trades people. When needed we can recommend and contact builders, tillers, painters, and electricians.

Contact Cody and get your project under way.

Here are some photos of plumbing renovations and retrofit projects we’ve carried out recently.
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Hot Water Cylinders Installation and Improvements

New hot water cylinder installation

Whether it’s a completely new installation or an upgrade, we can fit the latest hot water cylinders.

Tempering valves

The water in your hot water cylinder should be set to 70° to kill off any bacteria in the stored water. When the water comes out of the cylinder it should be cooled to 55° to prevent scalding at wash hand basins, showers and baths. We can install tempering valves on existing installations to make sure it’s safe for your family or tenants.

Improving low pressure

If you have a low pressure shower and don’t want to go to the expense of installing a new hot water system, there are other options. After assessing your current installation it could be improved with an unequal shower mixer or a new shower rose.  The unequal mixer uses mains pressure cold to help the low pressure hot water get through the valve (unequal system). This won’t give you a mains pressure shower, but with the right shower head it will give you a comfortable shower.

Here are some photos of hot water cylinder installation projects we’ve carried out recently.
Click a photo to view a larger version.

High Pressure Gas Hot Water Heaters

Sometimes it’s best to replace the hot water cylinder with a gas Califont cylinder to give you a mains pressure hot water system.

We can carry out gas Califont conversions to transform from low pressure cylinders to a gas fired outdoor water heater. This type of installation saves cupboard space inside and connects into your existing plumbing system. It also allows further updates to the plumbing works in your house at a later date.

Call Cody to talk about this option and have a no-obligation assessment to see if this is the best option for you.

Drainage Work

With bathroom or toilet additions you may need some drainage work done to get rid of the unwanted waste and ensure the system works well. Being an experienced Certifying Drainlayer as well as a Certifying Plumber, we can get it sorted for you. With CM Plumbing it’s a one stop shop.

Water Flow Issues

There is a difference between flow and pressure. You may have great pressure but as soon as your turn on more then one tap the flow might drop away. If this is happening to you it is fixable. Don’t put up with it any longer. Give CM Plumbing a call and we can discuss the options available.

Quote / estimate

We can provide a no-obligation quote for customers within our service area of Christchurch, New Zealand.

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